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Emergency Fund Application

Emergency Fund Application

**If you are currently receiving financial aid, please be aware that receiving funding from the Emergency Fund may affect your future aid package.

Priority will be given to students whose tenure at UNC-Chapel Hill may be at risk because of unexpected expenses.

* You may continue your explanation on a separate sheet of paper if needed. (Emergencies are defined as unmet individual basic needs of food, safety and shelter, and critical needs to continue in school that are unmet by your financial aid package and after you have exhausted all other possible resources, including the option of loans)

**For full consideration attach copies of all supporting documentation. Documentation should include copies of bills, receipts, legal notices, etc.

***Expenses not covered: tuition and fees, study abroad costs, non-essential utilities, parking tickets, non-emergency travel, etc.

Completion of the below question does not impact decisions related to your application for funding and is voluntary.

By clicking “SUBMIT” I certify that the information I have provided is true and complete. I acknowledge that the information submitted will be shared with the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid so that my application and eligibility can be reviewed by both offices. I will notify the Dean of Students office in writing immediately if, after submission of this application, there is any change in the information provided. I understand that falsifying or withholding information in this application may result in a referral to the Honor system. 

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