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Financial Security

Financial Instability is the inability to access financial resources to be successful students or find the resources to gain financial literacy. The goal would be that students would have sufficient monetary resources for their basic needs which would further contribute to their ability to be successful at UNC.

  • Emergency Fund (DOS) – Student emergency funds assist Carolina students by providing financial support when they need assistance with unexpected, unforeseen, and unavoidable emergency expenses surrounding situations such as accidents, illness, death of a family member, fire damage, or need for temporary housing. For more information about the Student Emergency Fund visit this site.
  • Emergency Fund (Academic Departments) – Some academic departments have Emergency Funds available for students in their programs. To find out if your department currently provides an emergency fund, we encourage you to reach out to their Student Services office.
  • Emergency Fund (GPSG) – The Graduate and Professional Student Government emergency fund exists to provide financial assistance to graduate and professional students with emergency financial assistance for unforeseen financial circumstances that could hinder their ability to complete their graduate or professional degrees. For additional information about the GPSG fund, please visit their website.
  • Financial Literacy/Counseling – Financial Literacy is an important component of financial education for everyone. At UNC, the Carolina community has access to a whole-life approach to personal finance, with resources divided into six main areas of learning: earning, saving & investing, protecting, spending, borrowing, and paying for education. To learn more about Financial Literacy Resources, please visit this website. Additionally, if you would like to schedule a time to meet with someone to discuss financial aid information, please contact [email protected].
  • Work Study – offers the chance to earn college funds by working a part-time job on campus or at community service agencies. You can apply for work-study jobs that match your interests, skills, and career plans. Find additional information about work-study jobs on this site.
  • Handshake – this service is a University Career Services’ online jobs and events management portal which includes job and internship positions as well as additional resources for current or future employment. You can find additional information about Handshake on this site.
  • Community Resources - Here you will find a list of resources in the community that may assist with financial needs/emergencies.

The Basic Needs Task Force is working on streamlining Emergency Fund applications so that we can maximize the way we assist students while minimizing the number of steps students need to go through when requesting financial support.

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