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Housing Security

The Basic Needs Task Force is working on addressing housing insecurity and homelessness among students at UNC. Housing insecurity can be defined as a set of challenges that could include the inability to pay rent or utilities, residing in a place where personal safety or health is compromised, and other challenges. Homelessness means that a student does not have a stable, reliable, or permanent place to live, sometimes which might include living in a shelter, car, or another public setting. The goal is to provide resources for students that address both sets of challenges. 

  • Emergency Housing (funding and options)(coming soon) 
  • Housing Resources in the Community - You can find some community resources that can assist with emergency housing, short-term housing, and long-term housing.
  • Want to live off campus? Click here for additional information. 
  • Want to live on campus? Click here for additional information.  

We are working on gathering resources for Emergency Housing. In the meantime, if you or someone you know are experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness, please fill out a care referral form and someone will be in touch.  

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