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About Us

Mission & Pillars

The Dean of Students office is a Student Affairs unit whose mission is to provide support and assistance to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill community focused on empowering students, to succeed in navigating the University environment.

Our four pillars—Care, Collaborate, Celebrate, and Empower—guide our approach and everyday work.

Care – Response and support provided to students after an unexpected situation, difficult event, or crisis incident.

Collaborate – Connecting students to resources and services across campus and throughout the community to help create a support network.

Celebrate – Outreach initiatives that recognize student successes and provide opportunities to promote DOS as a resource.

Empower – Providing support and sharing information that enables a student to navigate the University policies and processes and experience academic and personal success. 

We often serve as a beginning point of contact for students, faculty, staff, families, and community constituencies regarding various student concerns.  Whatever is happening in your life – personal or academic, know that we are here for you.

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