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Emergency Evaluation and Action Committee (EEAC)

The Chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has delegated a portion of their authority in matters of student discipline to a student judicial system that functions in accordance with The Instrument of Student Judicial Governance. From time to time, however, the University is faced with situations involving the behavior students / applicants that require a University response because they may pose some danger to the University and/or its processes, but that are not cognizable under the Instrument. Occasionally, emergency situations arise in connection with student behaviors, which require a faster response than the student judicial system's procedures can provide. To address all of these situations and to fulfill the University's obligation to provide a safe campus, the Emergency Evaluation and Action Committee has been established.

Please contact the Dean of Students office or visit the Emergency Evaluation and Action Committee (EEAC) Policy and Procedures web page for additional information.

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