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Final Exam Excuses

The University Approved Absence Office and Dean of Students office DO NOT issue University Approved Absences for final exams.


If you will miss a final exam due to a medical or mental health concern, family or personal emergency, religious observance, or exam schedule conflict, please follow the instructions on page linked below and communicate directly with your instructor to schedule a make-up.


Care Team

The UNC Chapel Hill Student Care Team (Care Team) provides coordinated assistance and support to students exhibiting concerning behaviors (also known as students of concern) through a centralized structure and method for outreach, referrals, and case management. The Care Team uses discretion in communicating and collaborating with other University offices and/or community resources to collect available and pertinent information to assist in the identification of appropriate interventions and/or strategies, also known as care action plans, to address the concern(s) and ultimately support student academic and personal success and wellness. One or more individuals or departments represented on the Care Team may implement these action plans.

For the purposes of the Care Team, concerning behaviors may include, but are not limited to: threats of self-harm, emotional or physical outbursts, extreme or sudden changes in mood or behavior, traumatic experiences (including sexual assault,  surviving a crime, losing a friend or family member), excessive or uncharacteristic decline in coursework and course attendance, excessive alcohol or other drug usage, difficulty with adjustment to campus life, etc. These behaviors may occur on- or off-campus. Students, faculty, staff, visitors, familiar and/or other community members, may identify and report students of concern. The Dean of Students office will document all cases.

To report any behavior or situation that leads you to be concerned for the safety or well being of a UNC Chapel Hill student or the community, please complete the Care Referral Form. Provide a detailed description of the situation using specific, concise, and objective language.

If you are reporting a situation involving an imminent threat of harm to self or others, please call the UNC Police Department at 919-962-8100 or call 911.

This site is only monitored Monday-Friday during regular business hours.

If you would like to speak with a Dean of Students staff member, please Contact Us.

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