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Tar Heels of the Month Demonstrating Excellence in Action


Dynamic Learning

Critical Thinking

·         "Reviewed goals and progress of Career Peers, and implemented action plans."

·         "Used critical thinking skills to work through the elements of forming the student organization and connecting this important work to current professionals on campus."

Creativity & Innovation

·         "Streamlined an email system for Career Peers, and developed a website for volunteer sign-ups."

·         "Linked the Unique Heels group with Diversity and Multicultural Affairs’ Achieving Carolina Excellence program that welcomed approximately 100 underserved, first-year women of color to the University." 

·         "Participates in the Speaker's Bureau, a cadre of students, staff, and faculty who assist with Safe Zone training by serving on panels during the training."


·         Demonstrates strong public speaking as an Admissions Tour Guide.

·         Participated in a discussion regarding Resident Advisor training and continued to process what was learned beyond the training session.

·         Prepares agendas for Career Peers meetings, and provides time for other members to add agenda items. Concisely summarizes meeting minutes and identifies action items.

·         Consistent communication influenced the speedy development of a logo, marketing materials, organizational structure and general awareness for the group.

·         Created an opportunity for students to discover areas of commonality at the Unity Dinner.



Ethics & Integrity

·         Demonstrated a true dedication to ethics and integrity by creating a "Code of Ethics" for all members of the Panhellenic community.

·         Volunteered as a development intern at Hope's Door Women's Shelter where she worked on donor projects to update the shelter and raise money for the NEXT Step program for career preparedness and training.

Fairness & Respect for Others

·         Treated peers as individuals, got to know them on a personal level to better understand them, and worked to present the best Honor Court case possible.

·         Handled each Chapter violation individually and with respect for the involved students and the standards process.

·         Ensured that all parties were treated fairly and that investigations were thoroughly conducted rather than allowing presumption of guilt.

·         When investigating Honor Court cases where the reporting party feels wronged and the student feels wrongly accused, she remains steady as she navigates the noise to uncover the truth.


Personal Responsibility


·         Constantly asking for feedback and input from those around him, and as a result gained the respect of his peers as a supervisor.

·         Mature and nurturing and she holds fast to her personal convictions. Impressed with the authority and respect her voice carried with our group. With every interaction she brought her complete and authentic self.

·         Planned and implemented a curriculum for the Service and Leadership LLC that challenges students to become more self-aware in how they lead and serve.

·         Does an excellent job of incorporating feedback from others, reflecting on experiences that she had during the interviews, and acknowledging areas of growth that she intends to pursue in her postdoctoral training.

Interpersonal Development

·         His sense of purpose here at Carolina is rooted in assisting and guiding others.

·         Demonstrated an enormous amount of time connecting with participants and in most cases helping them to connect with each other and the overall LeaderShape experience.

·         Put forth a significant amount of effort to develop her interpersonal skills through her work as our Student Coordinator.She mentors the first year students that participate in the Living Learning Community and interacts with them regularly in order to provide support and resources to them.

Wellness & Resiliency

·         Does a fantastic job balancing his academic, work, and extra-curricular commitments.

·         Working to develop a month focused on Mental Wellness, which will focus on overall Mental Health awareness and ways students can provide support to friends who are struggling. Currently working with ReThink: Psychiatric Illness to provide training for the students in the Living Learning Community.

·         Demonstrates a high level of personal responsibility in how dedicated she is to being successful at Carolina and supporting herself financially through her schooling.

·         Prioritizes her health by maintaining a regular exercise routine and participating in active charity events, including the Ultimate Hike (a 28.3 mile hike) that helped to raise funds for childhood cancer.


Community Engagement

Civic Involvement

·         He has also performed more than a dozen hours of community service this academic semester, from volunteering in trash pick up to volunteering in community events.

Local and Global Citizenship

·         Engagement in the community is reflected in his work with Strata Solar (a Chapel Hill-based solar company with global efforts) in efforts to provide data on and bring attention to the benefits of adopting renewable energy to the public both locally and abroad.

·         He is part of the Epsilon Eta environmental honors fraternity, the first of its kind in the nation, and through his membership in this fraternity has actively pursued the introduction of measures to reduce disposable bag use in the Chapel Hill and Carrboro communities.

·         Combined her passion for public service with her academic interest in nutrition by volunteering for a number of programs aiming at boosting healthy diets in low income populations.

·         Served as a volunteer “healthy living” instructor for the Diabetes BUS, a weight-loss and health initiative for Wake County employees living with type 2 diabetes, volunteered at the Charles House Elder Care center in Carrboro, and on some Saturdays also volunteers at Habitat for Humanity of Durham.

Cross-cultural Perspectives

·         As a founding member of Discussion, Advocacy, and Youth (DAY), his passion for linking oppressions to aid in coalition-building and dedication to a cruelty-free way of life has inspired all who have the pleasure of engaging with him.

·         Attends BSM meetings to remind members that just as people of color are sometimes subjected to cruelty, we have to be mindful of the cruelty that we inflict on others--including non-human animals.

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