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Sign Up for Tarheel Thanksgiving
Students remaining in Chapel Hill for the holidays are invited to join us for a complimentary, traditional Thanksgiving meal provided by generous donations of The Carolina Club Members....
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Celebrating Veterans Week 2022
The CVRC is honoring Veterans Day this year with a week of special events....
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Mental Health Seminar: Understanding Emotions and How to Talk About Them
Join the Mental Health Seminar: Understanding Emotions and How to Talk About Them on Nov. 16 from 12:00 to 1:30pm, hosted by Heels Care Network. Learn strategies on understanding and communicating your emotions. ...
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Mental Health Seminar: It's OK to Pause
Facilitated by Dr. Schiller, Heels Care Network is hosting Carolina Mental Health Seminar: It's Ok to Pause to better understand how mindful pauses work...
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Accommodations for Religious Observances
We support Tar Heels’ well-being, inside and outside the classroom.  As a part of your Carolina experience, we understand that you may need to balance your academic studies with observations of your religious practices and beliefs. Again this year, our academic calendar overlaps with a number...
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Supporting Our Tar Heels
We want all Tar Heels to succeed and thrive while they are at UNC-Chapel Hill, and that starts with ensuring our graduate and undergraduate students have access to mental health resources. Carolina offers on-campus services and partners with well-being and mental health leaders, such as the JED...
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Welcome Back, Tar Heels!
Whether this is your first semester at Carolina or your last, our Carolina community is geared up and ready to support your experience on campus. Vice Chancellor Amy Johnson shares these words of encouragement for every Tar Heel to make your Heel Print at Carolina this year! Go Heels!...
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Celebrate LDOC Safely
Congratulations on successfully making it to the end of another academic year! As you plan for a fun and festive LDOC (Last Day of Classes), remember to take good care of yourself and your community. There are a number of fun activities planned throughout the day and into the evening. From carnival ...
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Spring 2022: Accommodations for Religious Observances
We understand that you may need to balance your religious observation with your class attendance and academic studies. ...
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New website to serve as central hub for mental health and well-being resources for campus community.  On Feb. 9, 2022, UNC-Chapel Hill launched the Heels Care Network website at, which Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz first announced was in development in October 2021. The web...
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