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Desirée Rieckenberg lifts students in need
Desirée Rieckenberg’s passion for helping students began when she was in their shoes....
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Summer Break 2024 Resources
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10th Annual Red, White, and Carolina Blue Graduation Ceremony 
The Red, White, and Carolina Blue celebration marks 10 years in 2024....
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Inaugural Director of Financial Well-being Gilbert Rogers joins Carolina to “prepare for what’s next” 
Welcoming the inaugural director of financial well-being to Carolina....
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Spring Break Resources for 2024
Service Hours  During spring break, on-campus services hours may change. Visit the department's website for additional information and updated hours of operation.  Events Well-Being Strategies Be sure to check out these self-care ideas during Spring Break from Healthy Heels. PHYSICAL ACTIV...
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Women in Leadership Panel
The Carolina Veterans Resource Center will host a panel featuring women in leadership....
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2023 Thanksgiving Resource Guide for Students Staying in Chapel Hill
For students at UNC-Chapel Hill who staying on campus, there are a number of helpful resources for Tar Heels. Check out this guide as we strive to care for our community of students: Where to eat Join in on the Tar Heel Thanksgiving, offered by The Carolina Club. Register for this free event for stu...
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The Tar Heel Experience
At UNC-Chapel Hill, we think the best education includes finding ways to explore your passions. There are hundreds of opportunities for every Tar Heel. ...
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For our Tar Heels who are planning on staying in the Chapel Hill area for Thanksgiving, we have compiled a guide to keep students happy and fed this holiday!  ...
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Carolina Veterans Resource Center Provides Aid, Community for Military Tar Heels
The center, which opened in 2017, is designed to assist UNC-Chapel Hill’s veterans, service members and military families by serving as a central location for resources focused on their needs....
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